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Boiler & Heating At Red and Blue heating our focus is on efficiency. All new condensing gas boilers are 'A' rated. This means that they are all above 95% efficient. The upgrading of your central heating with a new boiler significantly increases the efficiency of your home. In conjunction with other efficiency measures, a new boiler can reduce your gas bills and give you peace of mind. Red and Blue Heating undertake all work on central heating systems from minor plumbing jobs to complete heating and hot water system installs. - Boiler Upgrade We offer the highest standard of work when upgrading your central heating boiler. We advise, design and install your boiler to your exact specification. Our expert heating engineers take every aspect of your heating system and house into consideration when advising you as to your options. You may want to install your new boiler in a new location perhaps to create more space within your house. Whatever your needs are we work alongside customers as to their requirements. We ensure customer satisfaction and endeavour to make upgrading your heating system a smooth and comfortable experience. - Controls As well as replacing your gas boiler you can also look at upgrading your system controls. - Thermostatic Radiator Valves Thermostatic radiator valves enable you to control the temperature in each individual room. When the valves close off at the desired temperature the boiler shuts down, therefore making you savings on your gas usage. - Domestic hot water Extras The biggest advantage of having unvented hot water is the pressure and flow rate that you have on both hot and cold water supplies. You no longer need storage tanks in the loft space meaning you have more room and no chance of leaking from the loft area. There is no need for noisy shower booster pumps. The cylinders produce equal pressures on hot and cold supplies for mixer showers and basins. If the incoming water main can is sufficient to handle the demand, unvented hot water really is the best performing system for your hot water. - Programmable Room Thermostats New and improved timing and thermostat appliances mean that you can keep your house at a more constant temperature. Used in conjunction with an economic boiler they reduce your gas usage significantly.
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Landlord Services It is important to maintain gas installations in rented properties. Whether it is annual boiler services or landlord safety certificates, we provide full checks on all aspects of a gas installation ensuring that it conforms to the latest regulations. At Red and Blue Heating we know that the most important thing for you is peace of mind. We can deal directly with the tenants and take all the hassle out of the work on your properties. We also offer 24 hour response to unexpected problems that are unavoidable.
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Domestic Hot Water


The efficiency of your hot water cylinder is an additional area where fuel savings can be made.


- Domestic Hot Water Cylinders


New cylinders have to conform to efficiency standards and are insulated to a much higher spec than older cylinders. As a result of the improved insulation, the recovery of the cylinder is much quicker and therefore less gas is burnt to heat your hot water.


- Unvented Hot Water


A great way to increase the power and flow rate of your domestic hot water system is to upgrade your system to an unvented type system. With this system all of your domestic hot water is supplied by the water main, therefore the pressure and flow of your hot water is equal to that of your water main. These systems provide excellent hot water pressure and do not require any supply tanks in the loft space meaning more space and peace of mind. We are fully qualified to work on and install unvented hot water appliances.


- Complete Plumbing and Heating Installations


If you would like to renovate your central heating or plumbing completely, we offer free quotations including heat loss calculations to suit your property.


Having a completely new installation is a great way to ensure peace of mind throughout your property as all old pipework and fittings are replaced.

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At Red&Blue Heating we understand how important your house is to you and your family. Our aim is to make plumbing improvements, emergencies or general maintenance as stress free as possible.


Whatever your issue may be we understand the importance of reliability. Whilst dealing with us, you will constantly be aware of all important aspects of the work you require. All costings are transparent and explained before any work is undertaken.


- Emergencies


Whether its upgrading your current appliances or just general maintenance of the plumbing throughout your house, we cover every aspect for your peace of mind.


Unfortunately unforeseen problems can occur. We know that some plumbing and heating problems require immediate work to be undertaken. Thats why we offer a 24 hour emergency service to deal with issues you might have at all times of the day and night.


- Radiators and Valves


The upgrading of radiator valves on your heating system is an additional way of saving money on your fuel bills. The installation of thermostatic radiator valves gives you extra control in individual rooms and therefore the heating of your house becomes much more efficient.


Alongside the upgrading of radiator valves is the radiators themselves. New modern radiators emit heat into a room much more effectively than old style radiators. Enter a brief summary about the various plumbing services here.


- Water Softeners


A great way to reduce the cost of continually replacing parts of your plumbing system is to install a water softener. In hard water areas the wear and tear on plumbing fixtures is very costly. The effect of limescale on bathroomware is unsightly and difficult to clean. The effect on hot water cylinders is also a cause of damage to the system.


- Pump Replacements


Whether it is your circulating central heating pump or a shower booster pump, we cover all mechanical parts of household plumbing and heating.


If the circulation of your central heating needs strengthening, the most common cause is the circulating pump needing replacing.


If you have a conventional system with storage tanks in the loft space and want to boost the pressure in your shower(s) the installation of a shower pump is a straightforward way of achieving this.

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Bathrooms & Kitchens


We offer a comprehensive service for the installation of new bathrooms and kitchens. From design to completion we cover all aspects of functionality and aesthetics.


- Bathrooms/Wetrooms


Along with the kitchen, your houses bathroom is its centre piece. Everybody loves the idea of having the perfect bathroom. We install and maintain all aspects of your bathroom renovation.


Whether its a straight swap for a new suite or alteration to the position of WC's etc, we make the experience of changing your bathroom a pain free one.


- Kitchens


As well as all aspects of plumbing and heating, Red&Blue heating offer a full service for the installation of kitchens. Our carpenters, tilers, plumbers and electricians make sure you only need one company to complete your kitchen installation.


- New Installations


Red&Blue Heating has been installing gas boilers and central heating systems for 9 years. If you require your heating system to be completely replaced or have old property that needs central heating we complete every step of the process.


Beginning with the design, we maximise efficiency with the sizing of your radiators and boiler.


From there we install your new heating system completely to your requirements making as little alteration to your property as possible.


We will go the extra mile to hide pipework and make sure your heating system is as discrete as possible.


At the end of the project, you will be taken through all working aspects of your heating system by our expert heating engineers. All of your warranties and registrations will be taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the comfort of your new heating system.



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